Thursday, 7 December 2006

Not a Happy Bunny...

Me that is!

Didn't realise but the photo me Dad took to introduce meself was taken just I was starting with a tummy bug.

Maybe explains the serious face?

I've been feeling poorly and sick and pooey for the last few days, still not meself.


Friday, 1 December 2006

1st post

Hi. I'm Freddie. Or to give you my full name Alfredo Antonio - my Dad is a quarter Italian, so he likes to think he's Italian.

My Dad's Grandad on his his Mum's side was called Antonio and his Grandad on his Dad's side was called figure it out.

Whatever, it can't be any worse than my Grandma giving my Dad a welsh name!

I don't look Italian! In fact with all my blonde hair and big blue eyes, my Dad thinks I'm German.

My Mum is a beautiful young woman called Caroline.

She has the most nicest long dark naturally wavey hair, warmest of smiles and enchanting blue eyes. She is the most honest, genuine, lovely person my Dad has had the good fortune of being with.

She also looks more Italian than my Dad...I think that narks him a bit sometimes. I just think it's funny.

My Dad calls my Mum his Angel because she takes him to heaven and back...I don't know what he's on about but he likes to kiss her a lot.

I digress...

My 1st post here comes as I near my 1st Birthday.

I was born January 2nd 2006 at about five to ten in the evening, by caesarian section in Pontefract General.

At 8 weeks premature I only weighed 4lbs 3oz but I have to tell you I am now a proper 'chunk' of a baby, weighing in at just over 2st - my parents are usually quite pleased about that.

I can be a bit of a bruiser and my Dad has nicknamed me 'Brutal'. This was something to do with one time in the bath when I double-stamped his 'bits'.

I don't know exactly what happened, but he turned a pale colour and felt a bit sick.

During the past few months I have moved on from elementary gurgling to advanced warbling/shouting and can entertain myself - and my parents vocally for ages.

I can move freely on my own volition and can tear up the floor at an alarming rate.

I'm particularly proud of my ability to climb the stairs - something I have been able to do from 6-7 months. My parents always supervise but to be honest, I don't need any assistance.

Nothing is safe:
The knobs on the stereo get a good fiddling.
The card gets pulled out of the digibox.
The wheels on my pram get thoroughly messed with and
I like to pull all the DVD's out, scatter them all over the floor then eat all the sides off the cases.

You name it: CD's, leaves, settees, cat litter, cushions and shoes it all goes in my mouth!

I can't help it, I've had these peg-like things growing in there since I was about 4-5 months, they don't half give me some grief. I just wish they'd stop.

I've been eating a lot of finger food lately, my parents are keen not to give me sugary drinks or chocolate so I tend to munch on corn rings (my fave) and rice cakes...I have to watch out for my Dad pinching them though.

I can nearly walk on my own...I know! To think I was once a weedy ickle shrimp!

Anyways, I've nearly nailed it, reckon I'll have it cracked before Christmas.

Bit of a bummer really, having my b-day so near to x-mas but what the heck? I don't know any better, although being a Capricorn allegedley means I like to argue about it!

I'm surrounded by people who love me and I love them too, as long as they're playing along that is and not trying to change my nappy or get me dressed.

OK, so if you pressed me, I'd have to say I don't see the need to go to bed!

I mean, sleep is for wimps. I only succumb when I'm absolutley shattered and can't keep my peepers open any longer.

I like to show my love for people by engaging them in a head-lock, I save this for peeps I extra-especially like.

I'll tell you all about my sister, my Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents later, when I've figured this blogging thing out.

Contrary to what I said earlier, it's past my bedtime so for now, I'm signing off with a pic of me taken at half a day old.

The pic at the beginning of this post was taken this morning by my Dad...oh, mi dispiace, mi padre.

Amore, vita e felicita!
(Love, Life & Happiness)